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PE NAYLON, PP JELATİN, RECYLED POŞET, Düz naylon, Baskılı naylon, Düz bantlı naylon,

KARGO POJET, TAKVİYELİ POŞET, Baskılı bantlı naylon, Askı delikli naylon, Askılı bantlı naylon, Kilitli- Sürgülü


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Polypropylene nylon is the preferred packaging type in many sectors, produced with low-density raw materials. Many different features can be produced. Protects products from moisture and dust. PE nylon products are generally produced in the form of bags and packaging rolls to cover any size product. Environmentally friendly PE nylon products are 100% recyclable. It is known  as the conversion sign. It can be put into production in desired microns and dimensions. Pe nylon products can be produced with or without printing. They have waterproof structures.

*Plain nylon
*Printed nylon
*Flat band nylon
*Nylon with printed band
*Nylon with hanger holes
*Nylon with hanging band
*Locked - Sliding