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PE NAYLON, PP JELATİN, RECYLED POŞET, Düz naylon, Baskılı naylon, Düz bantlı naylon,

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Biodegradable; EPI(12-18months), D2W(18-24months)

It is a bag that can be converted into basic substances such as CO2 and water after it is biodegraded with the help of microorganisms in nature and can participate in the cycle in nature.

EPI: Epi, one of the leading companies operating with the aim of reducing and eliminating the damage given to the nature in today's increasingly increasing plastic consumption, ensures that plastics are destroyed by dissolving in nature with the TDPA additives it has developed. The destruction of plastics in nature. It takes place in 2 phases. In the first phase (chemical or abiotic) dgroodoyan (reaction with plastic-oxygen), the polyemer structure of the plastic deteriorates and becomes a nutrient for mycoorganisms. This reaction heat (soil temperature, UV rays and mechanical factors.
The second phase, which is degnoble (biological solution), occurs when the structure, which gains nutritional properties, is destroyed by being eaten by bacteria and microorganisms in the soil. The dissolution period is between 12 and 24 months.

D2W: When D2W, which is polyethylene plastic bags that do not deteriorate in nature and can remain for a long time, is produced by adding bio-soluble additives, it starts to degrade between 18-24 or within the time period to be determined by the manufacturer, and water, co2 and d2w bags do not leave petro polymer waste behind without leaving any toxic waste. It leaves no toxic waste and complies with all standards. It does not need heavy metals, does not emit methane gas, it can be recycled within the determined life. D2W bags create great value in environmental protection at a small cost.